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Virtual Biking By Fit Reality

Biking is one of the best cardio activities you can do to burn calories. It strengthens your lower body, with an added focus on your legs, glutes and even hips. What’s even better about virtual biking is the low impact nature of the workout – even lower than regular biking because you no longer have to worry about lumps and bumps on the road. 
Virtual Biking By Fit Reality

With Viro Race virtual biking you can cycle on any stationary exercise bike or for added features you can connect a road bike to a smart trainer so the software can more accurately measure your power and speed. 

If you are a beginner and really interested in getting into virtual biking but you haven’t yet bought a home stationary bike, I would suggest taking a look at a regular road bike and an ANT+ smart trainer. This way you can have both an indoor and outdoor experience as the weather changes. 

How Often Should You Train?

You should plan to cycle for 30 to 60 minutes, 3-5 times a week – Viro race offers high-intensity interval training routines which pretty much means you can get a pretty intense daily workout in about 15-20 minutes. 

We do suggest that every workout should begin with a warm-up ride. My ride of choice is to select a medium level Viro Race Cruise for about 5-10 minutes - just to get my joints and heart rate up to speed. 

After a cruise warmup I pretty much always move to custom races, where I can focus on chasing both my best times and those from the top of the leaderboards. Best times are displayed in the game as ghosts riders, they are there to simulate best laps. You always get to choose which ghosts you want to race at the beginning of each race. 

We Will Ghost You

As you progress through the game you will automatically see your previous lap ghost along with your best lap ghost – these ghosts are usually pretty easy to keep up with (because they are yours) and they are a great tool to keep you pushing harder with each lap. Add a ghost lap from somebody who is on the leaderboard to help you know where you need to progress too. 

If you beat one of these guys and the leaderboard will automatically promote you to the top of the boards. The leaderboards are all globally active as you beat a particular time on a particular leaderboard you will be notified – even if you didn’t know you were competing the game is always ready to place your highest score. 

More Than A Race it’s An Obstacle Course

During every Viro race, you will have to navigate through obstacles and collect power-ups as you race through the course. The cleaner the lap the faster you will go and the more points you can earn. Points are like virtual currency and you will be able to convert points to new skins and virtual biking enhancements in the Viro Race store. 

Cool It

At the end of every race workout, I suggest taking another 5 minutes to cool down and get your heart rate back to a normal pace – again I would suggest jumping back into cruise mode and enjoy the virtual views. 

Viro Race is great for beginners, the game will push you forward at your own pace but most importantly it will always motivate you to push your fitness level forward with challenges, ghosts and soon head to head races with friends. 

Advanced racers will love the global leaderboards, regular race challenges, training modules and also challenge modes. The game drives you to progress at a level and pace that fits you.  

Leaders In Virtual Fitness Innovation

Viro Race is a Virtual Biking game from the team at Fit Reality, who are building solutions to turn everyday fitness routines into fun and interesting games. Biking, in general, is perhaps the most ideal cardio exercise you can do. Virtual biking makes the whole experience much more interesting and addictive. 

Want to cycle in Virtual Reality? Sure no problem Viro Race also runs in virtual reality to give you the world's most comprehensive and immersive VR fitness experience. 

How To Get Started With Virtual Biking

To operate Viro race you will need to purchase a Viro Race Starter Pack which will attach to your bike or smart trainer and allow you to connect it to your computer or TV. 

Once you have the starter pack connected you should download the Race application to meet and race other Virtual biking fans. 

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