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The Viro Race Virtual Cycling Game Guide To Stationary Cycling

Are you brand new to competitive indoor cycling? Great - this is the post for you. The Viro Race team has the technical elements nailed but it's up to you – the user to ensure that you get the form right so that you can experience the full benefits of Viro’s Race virtual cycling game. 
The Viro Race Virtual Cycling Game Guide To Stationary Cycling

It's worth putting in a little extra effort in the beginning to ensure you are setting yourself up for the best virtual cycling game experience ever! Common sense things like choosing the right body position and seat height to ensure the right levels of resistance to match your experience and skill levels. 

You can use some of these tips to help you get the most out of the Viro Race possible. Remember, to become a really excellent cyclist – form is critical.

The Saddle Will Become Your Best Friend

It's true you and your saddle will literally become one for the duration of your workout. Better be sure that you have found the perfect height. 

It’s funny for me to watch guys come to the gym and with one swift action they seem to be able to find the perfect height. It usually takes me a good thirty seconds of wiggling around on a new bike to find the perfect height – that’s because I’m going for… the perfect height, while others don’t understand the benefits of height perfection. 

Get the saddle height wrong and it can mean the difference of winning or losing a race – ask any professional rider or cowboy they will tell you the same. So, before you leap onto your trusty steed take some time to get the height perfected. 

Stand next to your bike and bend the knee closest to the bike to a ninety degree angle, position your saddle to where your hip joint is and get on and test. You might need a few adjustments for comfort but try to keep the height close to this level – I promise you it will really help your form. 

Bendy Legs

In most cases the tip above will find you a perfect height, however some of you do have exceptionally long legs and you might need an extra tweak to accommodate them. Place your feed on the pedal and if you still have a significant bend in your knee during a downstroke then you need to re position the saddle to accommodate your freakishly long legs. If one leg is bent and the other straight then we have a more serious issue (please send photos).

Put Your Chest Into It

A flat back and a puffed out chest is the best way to cycle, you will often see people training in the gym with their head pointed down and their spine bent this is really bad form and can actually lead to serious issues with your key muscle groups and or spine. 

There are many good videos on YouTube about riding form I would suggest you make some time to understand this better. 

Flat Foot

I have been guilty of this one, during many races I have often moved from the ball of my feet to my toes and then to my heels. While it's nice to take the load off and find a new position on long cycles it's not going to help your form or speed during a race. It’s a false economy – yes you feel a little bit better but your performance will suffer. 

Let Your Ass Take The Load 

After all it's now one with the bike, sometimes people push forward the weight onto their arms to allow their legs take a break, it's not good form and better to position the weight down through your core rather than your arms or wrists. I can’t specifically say this will cause you any significant health or joint concerns in the long run - it might, but it’s really bad form anyway. 

A loose grip on the handlebars will always support your overall ride experience.

Viro Race’s Virtual cycling game is an effective, low impact fitness option that can be used by anybody who has a cycling machine and a computer at their home… or office. If you are new to cycling and cycle races use these tips to get the most from your Viro Race experience.

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