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My top 5 Reasons for Training With Viro’s Virtual Cycling Race App

The core benefits of virtual cycling are potentially as endless as the colors and makes of bikes you can find. If you are a keen cycler or are just looking for a nice way to get fit without visiting a gym, I am here to tell you that without question virtual cycling can help you change your life for the better 
My top 5 Reasons for Training With Viro’s Virtual Cycling Race App


I might be a little bit biased – but there really are a lot of great reasons why stationary cycling (and cycling in general) are the best way to get and stay fit. Here are my top five reasons for cycling more…

Get Fit and Lose Weight

Losing weight is not easy, finding a regular physical activity which keeps you interesting and addicted is one of the key components to help us lose weight – and keep it off. 

And that’s not rocket science right? Burn more calories than you put in and voila you will lose weight. Virtual Cycling Races burn between 500 and 1200 calories per hour, depending on the intensity of the race. So it’s an excellent way to enhance any new diet and sleep routine which will ultimately burn those extra fat cells. 

I can’t promise the extra greens will be enjoyable but for sure the racing will. 

Improve Your Mental State

Cycling is fun and it’s proven that people who cycle regularly are commonly pretty happy people. To be fair all physically active people are happier than inactive individuals, but cycling is one of the easiest ways to get healthy and virtual cycling is one of the most addictive ways to get cycling. 

Competitive cycling – even against your own lap times can give you an added increase in adrenaline and endorphins , beating your goals and times will give you a sense of achievement and will unlock additional positive chemicals – which in turn will make you a happier person.

Monster Leg Muscles

Regular cyclists have amazing leg muscles, you can go to the gym for a year and still not have the same kind of leg muscle definition you can achieve from regular high intensity cycling.

Increasing the resistance on the bike is not just about burning fat, this is how cyclists get those rock hard calf and glutes and other lower body muscles. But it’s not just the legs that benefit, people who have a higher percentage of muscles tend to burn more calories even when not working out. What’s not to love about building muscles. 

Now let’s be honest – you may never have the monster calves of a track star – unless you are deeply committed to cycling, but I promise your ass will look good in those pants. 

You Can Eat More

Who doesn’t love to eat more? Certainly I do. The magic word here is guilt free. The more you cycle the more you can realistically shovel down the gut hole. I’m not suggesting you go crazy and give yourself a coronary – but if you are cycling every day you can have that extra snack and feel reasonably ok about it. 

Let’s say for example you took a thirty minute Virtual Race in the morning and now your at the office feeling a bit peckish – I say go for it, eat that beautiful chocolate donut that’s been sitting in the canteen calling out to you all morning, you’ve got at least 300 calories to spare. 

Of course if you want to lose lots of weight, skip the donut and watch from a distance as Colin from accounting gobbles it down in front of you. 

Breathe More

Your lungs will feel act and function better. I can’t quite tell you the science behind this but I guess its related to “being fitter and healthier” – regardless of the reason, who doesn’t want to breathe more so it’s going into my top five. 

So there you have it my top 5 reasons for getting on your bike or exercise bike, yes it’s hard to get started and it’s even harder to keep motivated – but that’s why we created Viro Race. You are all welcome. 


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